High Country Regional Bike Plan

Draft Now Available

A draft of the High Country Regional Bike Plan is now available for public review and comment.

Click here to view and save the document (please be patient for download, the document is a 30mb PDF file).

Comments on the plan can be emailed to Phil Trew at ptrew@regiond.org.

A Public Workshop will be held to answer questions and receive comments on the High Country Regional Bike Plan. The Public Workshop will be held at the High Country COG offices on Wednesday, October 23, 2013 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Directions to our office can be found on our home page.


High Country Council of Governments (HCCOG) contracted with NCDOT to develop a Regional Bike Plan for the seven-county region.  The Plan is intended to improve safety, access, and mobility for cyclists by designating logical routes that connect municipalities and other major destinations in the region.  The Plan will identify needed improvements to existing roadways, prioritize the improvements, and develop a signage plan to mark the identified routes.  The Regional Bike Plan is intended to complement existing municipal bicycle plans, and will therefore not include extensive circulation routes within town limits.  While NCDOT recognizes the recreational nature of cycling, the Plan is intended to develop routes that will provide transportation connections. 


Per NCDOT guidance, a Steering Committee will be formed to guide development of the Plan.  The Steering Committee will include three representatives from each County, appointed by the County Boards of Commissioners.  Additionally, representatives from NCDOT Divisions 11 and 13 will be on the Steering Committee.  The Plan will be developed over a 30-month period (July 2011 – December 2013).  Development of the Plan will include a public survey, and two public workshops.  Following completion of the Plan, the seven counties in the region will be asked to adopt the plan.  High Country Council of Governments and High Country RPO will also be asked to adopt the plan. 

Regional Bike Plan Components

The Regional Bike Plan will be long-term and comprehensive.  It will analyze traffic data, accident data, existing bike and greenway plans, existing road conditions, and scheduled road projects to determine appropriate routes throughout the region.  Existing right-of-way and identification of corridors suitable for off-road bike path development will also be considered during Plan development.  The Plan will address the following:  policies affecting cycling (regulatory and educational), maintenance of bike facilities, cost of improvements, sources of funding, and safety programs.  Finally, the Plan will include recommended design for various bike facilities, and a signage plan consisting of appearance and specific location of recommended signs.

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